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Beachy caravan – Hobby wohnwagenwerk
Concept, Development & branding
A hybrid camper for the campers of tomorrow.

Together with Hobby we have created the Beachy concept – a completely new way of being a caravanner. Nothing in the Beachy caravan is standard procedure. We went into the project with complete neutral mindset and build up the Beachy concept together with the internal project team at Hobby. The Beachy is a representation of the shift in users, needs and personal values. Penatos have been involved in all aspects of making the Beachy come to life. Today the Beachy concept has won various awards and are already loved by campers around the world.

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Credit: Oliver Franke

Camping outdoor museum – Egeskov & Dansk Camping union
Idea, concept, development, project lead and execution
Inspiration to go Camping anyway you like to.
What will a museum experience look like in the future? How can we get people to stay longer and make sure there is something for both young and old guests?

From an empty field and an inspirational idea to create a broader understanding about what Camping and outdoor is, the project around the Camping outdoor museum raised. In close collaboration with Egeskov and Dansk Camping union the Interactive Camping Outdoor Museum came to life to inspire people visiting Egeskov to go on great Camping outdoor adventures. The Museum has both histories, nowadays stories and future scenarios along with interactive experiences and great stories and information. You easily use hours investigating the endless Camping Outdoor possibilities and take a tour down memory lane to when your relatives went on adventures in the past.

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Credit: Ard Jongsma

Gimeg Nordic, daugther company setup – Gimeg Group NL
Business development – growth strategy – interim management – transformation
From technical wholesale company to full-service partner in the Scandinavian Camping industry.

There is a lot of things to consider when going from Technical Danish wholesale company into an international organization perspective.
We have been the interim management during the establish period and together with the internal organization formed the growth strategy for Gimeg Nordic. With a clear and considered plan and a strong fundament Gimeg Nordic is well on its way to becoming the preferred full-service partner for the Scandinavian camping caravan customers.

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Travellife product collection – Gimeg group NL
Concept & product development – target segmentation - project management
From label to brand and a complete Travellife world

Together with a development team within the organization the Travellife transformation has been designed, conceptualized, and executed. The world of Travellife is divided into 4 target areas containing what you need to have a fabulous camping outdoor experience. Travellife is for everyone and designed so you can live your Travellife the way you want to.

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Credit: Gimeg

Pakhuset Kolding – Svane shipping
Business development – project management – transformation
A company community with enhanced strength and values

During some years Kolding have had a nice a well-placed office building along the harbor in Kolding operated by out of town operators. When Svane shipping toke over the operations of the facilities Penatos joined in and established the business case and concept for the Pakhuset 2.0. Everything was flipped upside down to create a sustainable economic, a good user-friendly concept and attractive facilities for companies with office spaces and visitors.

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Credit: Lloyd Revald Studio